morning bites

Superstition says itchy palms means money; the left means money paid out, and the right money coming in. But what if your whole body is itchy? I think it’s time to buy a humidifier for this dry apartment. //

I had the thought upon waking that my absence from home would not be such an issue for my cat if I could have constant laser pointer beams going at different intervals, heights, and directions. //

There is a non-place outside of the graduate assistant office that I have been paying increasing attention to. It is not quite a room, but a space with two tables and four chairs that leads forward to a room, or to a hallway of many rooms. I assume it is meant for meeting with students because entering the doorway to it will place you right outside the door for the GA office; take a slight left, and you are headed into English faculty offices. Some of the graduate assistants hold conferences with students there because our common space can get crowded. A few GAs or adjuncts use the tables to work at because desk space is at a premium. Lately, I’ve found students hanging out there before classes alone, in pairs, or in small groups. This week I watched a small group review materials of a presentation that they had due in class. Another student sat quietly reading while eating his lunch; he subsequently left his book on the table (I wonder how long it will be there?) as well as his lunch garbage. A pair of students that had the same class remarked that they didn’t want to walk home just to walk back before their next class, so they sat eating. One potato chip was left on the table. I suppose what interests me the most is that it is not designated as any place, but the outside of the doorway that leads to it has signs about the upcoming space being GA offices. But the furniture there is not occupied, it shows no signs of use as office space. It has no personal touches or person objects there. The furnitiure is of a different design than the desks/chairs in the classrooms, the desks/chairs in our office, and the tables/chairs in the cafe downstairs. I wonder what is signaling students to use this non-place as a space? What are the cues that invite them in? //

Books for composition that are capturing my attention: 642 Things to Write About, 642 Things to Draw, Listography: Your Life in Lists, How to Be An Explorer of the World. I am increasingly drawn to the possibilities in short form noticings, collecting, archiving, and inventorying. Composition as action.

composition bits/bytes

After talking with Chelsea in class today, I was reminded of (remembered) Googlism. I searched technical before, a word that I am working with/in/through, but this time, at a saturation point in my work, I searched composition to see what it is:

composition is depicted as a filled diamond and a solid line
composition is often used interchangeably with various
composition is not rhetoric
composition is expressed as a percent by
composition is expressed as a percent by? mass
composition is the term used to describe the different components that
composition is ‘harmony’ of jewish
composition is key « photobird daily
composition is the key element for great photos
composition is sio2
composition is top dog
composition is everything
composition is that it is more flexible because behavior can be swapped at runtime
composition is influenced by
composition is influenced by cultivar
composition is broken?
composition is performed by the desktop window manager
composition is about things i did and things i will
composition is about things? this spanish composition is about things i did and things i will
composition is one worth trying
composition is associative
composition is related to
composition is related to hydrochemistry and biodegradation in an iron
composition is a good way to develop movement in
composition is apparent in monet’s painting
composition is functional?
composition is functional? 129 i i
composition is committed when a conclusion is drawn about a whole based on the features of its constituents when
composition is influenced by prey brain
composition is influenced by prey brain size
composition is associated with develo
composition is
composition is recording
composition is influenced by cultivar selection
composition is straight
composition is encoded by the rod1 gene of arabidopsis
composition is essential in photography
composition is “buried under guitar
composition is thought to be an important determinant of acute cardiovascular events
composition is difficult in panoramic formats like
composition is a function of the photographer

And so it is. It is a fragment, an incomplete thought, a thought once complete but later broken, thoughts lost to be traced and found, buried under, functional?, related to, associative. It is parts, composites, sites of action. It is

life passes in lists

one: making lists of lists, both smaller and larger. consolidate, expand, and the subcompact to-do. rank according to priority, checks and bullets, red ink, highlights. summer slippage; july, I wasn’t done with june yet.

lists: a number of connected items, or scenes of combat/contest, or as a selvage of a piece of fabric, or as a want, and lastly as a lean (of a ship) to one side because of unbalanced cargo. definitions all befitting

two: I haven’t figured out better (not even best) note taking practices yet. This goes for getting myself organized and while I’m reading. I sat down today to write in my paperbound journal, and for the first time found myself questioning if it was a useful practice, as I increasingly find myself doing when I take notes on paper (this is probably exacerbated by the fact that I float from notebook to notebook with no rhyme or reason or trail of breadcrumbs).


  • I got a graduate assistantship, though not as a first year writing instructor
  • I registered to take the GRE. The prep books arrived today, therefore it is (a) reality
  • I miss being in classes
  • After listlessly living at home for 23 months, I am making lists of apartments to rent near campus

four: bullet, vertical, horizontal, glossary, bibliography, discography, etymology, category, pros and cons