life passes in lists

one: making lists of lists, both smaller and larger. consolidate, expand, and the subcompact to-do. rank according to priority, checks and bullets, red ink, highlights. summer slippage; july, I wasn’t done with june yet.

lists: a number of connected items, or scenes of combat/contest, or as a selvage of a piece of fabric, or as a want, and lastly as a lean (of a ship) to one side because of unbalanced cargo. definitions all befitting

two: I haven’t figured out better (not even best) note taking practices yet. This goes for getting myself organized and while I’m reading. I sat down today to write in my paperbound journal, and for the first time found myself questioning if it was a useful practice, as I increasingly find myself doing when I take notes on paper (this is probably exacerbated by the fact that I float from notebook to notebook with no rhyme or reason or trail of breadcrumbs).


  • I got a graduate assistantship, though not as a first year writing instructor
  • I registered to take the GRE. The prep books arrived today, therefore it is (a) reality
  • I miss being in classes
  • After listlessly living at home for 23 months, I am making lists of apartments to rent near campus

four: bullet, vertical, horizontal, glossary, bibliography, discography, etymology, category, pros and cons

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