addalogs 4-7

Finishing up my quest for time during the week. The latter half of the week was unusual due to my birthday, a broken car, and a trip to Buffalo.


6:00-8:30 feed cat, make/eat breakfast and coffee, grading, email, get ready for the day

8:30-10:00 walk to school, meet with Derek and Joe

10:00-10:30 make copies, work on unit two plans

10:30-11:00 gather/organize stuff, walk to library

11:00-1:00 tutor in the APC

1:00-1:30 walk back to office, eat lunch

1:30-2:00 prepare for lab

2:00-3:30 lead lab guided study, gather stuff for home

3:30-5:30 eat snack, call/text/send messages thanking people for birthday cards/wishes/gifts

5:30-6:30 back and forth calls with mom about dinner plans, find out dad’s car broke down getting me a pastry, revise evening plans

6:30-7:30 drive home to be with family for birthday dinner

7:30-8:00 email, online shopping

8:00-8:30 pick up dad from dealership

8:30-10:00 birthday dinner and presents with family

10:00-11:00 dad prepares car for trip to Buffalo

11:00-11:30 drive back

11:30-12:30 begin packing, get cat care stuff ready for my parents

12:30-6:00 sleep


6:00-9:30 feed cat, make coffee/breakfast, grade, pack, get ready

9:30-10:00 walk to library

10:00-11:00 UWC meeting

11:00-11:30 walk back, give mom cat care directions

11:30-12:00 eat lunch, finish packing

12:00-1:00 grade, enter grades

1:00-8:00 drive to Buffalo

8:00-12:00 order pizza, hang out, watch movies

12:00-9:00 sleep


9:00-10:30 lazing about, getting ready for the day

10:30-5:00 trip to the Cider Mill and neighboring graveyard for fall delights and pumpkin purchasing, exploration of Allentown by foot (book store and antique shops), lunch, venturing to downtown Buffalo a la pie

5:00-6:30 attempted to watch a story from “fright classic” DVD, checked email

6:30-8:30 walk/wait for dinner

8:30-9:00 walk back

9:00-12:00 watch horror movies

12:00-8:00 sleep


8:00-11:00 get ready, pack, search/walk for breakfast places in the area, general lazing

11:00-12:00 causal breakfast

12:00-12:30 walk back

12:30-1:00 prepare the car for travel

1:00-7:30 drive back to Michigan

7:30-9:00 unpack, put away laundry and groceries, prepare living space for the upcoming week

9:00-12:00 grading, lesson planning, homework, catching up on email, development of conference presentations for WIDE-EMU

12:00-5:00 sleep

Despite moments of near insanity in which I counted minutes in between obligations/doings that I could have filled with work, I found myself searching for “free” time during which my attention could be divided. The biggest waste of time is certainly during periods of transit; these times are almost torturous as you have the time/space/silence to think, but not the ability to record this work. Something I think I may want to try is more structured note taking on the go or in between to prevent idea evaporation. Another take-away, more blogging. It leaves a trace of work, can be short, can give the illusion of accountability. I think daily blogging may be an integral piece of working through my MA project (and developing myself as an active scholar).

addalog 3


5:00-5:30 feed cat, make coffee, eat breakfast

5:30-6:00 finish up today’s lessons/materials

6:00-6:30 shower/get ready

6:30-7:00 get ready

7:00-7:30 walk to school

7:30-8:00 meet with student

8:00-8:30 teach

8:30-9:00 teach

9:00-9:30 teach, return to office

9:30-10:00 meet with student

10:00-10:30 try to organize messy desk, talk with Joe about conference presentation

10:30-11:00 walk to writing center, look through free maps for interesting texts, eat snack

11:00-11:30 tutoring

11:30-12:00 tutoring

12:00-12:30 tutoring

12:30-1:00 tutoring

1:00-1:30 walk to office, look for readings

1:30-2:00 look for readings

2:00-2:30 scan readings

2:30-3:00 add to gradebook, organize collected materials and attendance to work on spreadsheet

3:00-3:30 lesson plan/talk with Becky for class

3:30-4:00 teaching with Becky

4:00-4:30 teaching

4:30-5:00 teaching, walk back to office talking about planning

5:00-5:30 update courseshell announcement, email class with work for Monday, upload documents

5:30-6:00 eat dinner, read for class

6:00-6:30 read for class

6:30-7:00 class

7:00-7:30 class

7:30-8:00 class

8:00-8:30 class

8:30-9:00 class

9:00-9:30 class, walk home talking to dad, discover fourth light bulb of the past two weeks is out

9:30-10:00 look for light bulbs, listen to music

10:00-10:30 email, try to figure out bill issue, text family members back for birthday wishes

10:30-11:00 play with cat, tidy up apartment

11:00-11:30 blog addalogs

11:30-12:00 blog for conference presentation 1

12:00-12:30 blog for conference presentation 2

12:30-6:00 sleeping

addalog 2


6:00-6:30 feed cat, make coffee and breakfast

6:30-7:00 washed dishes

7:00-7:30 online bills, budgeting, and email

7:30-8:00 read for class

8:00-8:30 read for class

8:30-9:00 showered/got ready

9:00-9:30 got ready to leave house

9:30-10:00 walk to school

10:00-10:30 tutoring at the writing center

10:30-11:00 tutoring

11:00-11:30 tutoring

11:30-12:00 tutoring

12:00-12:30 tutoring

12:30-1:00 tutoring

1:00-1:30 walk back to office, eat lunch

1:30-2:00 looked for imagetexts for mean making lesson

2:00-2:30 teaching guided lab

2:30-3:00 teaching guided lab

3:00-3:30 teaching guided lab (until 3:15), class (3:30)

3:30-4:00 class

4:00-4:30 class

4:30-5:00 class

5:00-5:30 class

5:30-6:00 class

6:00-6:30 collect stuff, walk home, phone call

6:30-7:00 make dinner, hunt escaped cat

7:00-7:30 worked in Google Docs on conference presentation with Chelsea and Becky

7:30-8:00 worked in Google Docs

8:00-8:30 started a post in my blog for my phase two of WIDE-EMU

8:30-9:00 read about a concert I want to go to; spread the word to comrades to caravan to the event

9:00-9:30 discovered new music; fell into internet wormhole

9:30-10:00 tried to work on unit two calendar

10:00-10:30 tried to go to sleep

10:30-11:00 got up to get a book to read in bed (to try to go to sleep)

11:00-11:30 got up and started working on my lesson plan

11:30-12:00 lesson planning (finding imagetexts and building slidedeck)

12:00-12:30 lesson planning/making

12:30-5:00 sleeping


Because there’s never enough. Because subtracting sleep still doesn’t accomplish. Because this is the life I’ve chosen for myself.

For ENGL 621: Research in Theory and Practice of Writing, our professor is asking us to keep a time finder log for one week. The idea comes from a chapter of Chris Baty’s No Plot? No Problem!, a book on writing a novel in a month. While we’re not writing novels, we’re composing MA projects. The idea is that if we can find ten hours in a week by eliminating the FORGO-ABLE, then completing a project in a semester is possible. To log one’s time, the day is broken up into 30 minute sections in which activities are recorded/reported. After a day is complete, one is to return to this log to differentiate time that is REQUIRED (eating, sleeping, showering), HIGHLY DESIRED (exercising, social calls/emails, social gatherings), and FORGO-ABLE (internet, internet, internet).

I’m interested in this activity because it is intriguing, but moreso because I feel like I lose time, or am not mindful enough of its passing while working on something.


5:00-5:30 wake up, feed cat, eat breakfast, make lunch

5:30-6:00 make a slidedeck for today’s class (discussion points, connections to course outcomes, where we’re going from this unit)

6:00-6:30 shower and get ready

6:30-7:00 still getting ready, drink coffee, read for class

7:00-7:30 walk to school, set up materials for class (which included snacks today for our project one gallery)

7:30-8:00 work with a few students on technical issues before class starts

8:00-8:30 teaching

8:30-9:00 teaching

9:00-9:30 teaching, put away stuff at my desk, go to interview professor for a class project

9:30-10:00 interview with professor

10:00-10:30 meeting with professor/advisor

10:30-11:00 eat snack, pack up stuff to go tutor in the writing center

11:00-11:30 tutoring in the writing center (during this time/in between clients from 11-1, I work on composing an email/announcement for my class for our next meeting on Wednesday, email students about missing class and turning in their projects)

11:30-12:00 tutoring in the writing center

12:00-12:30 tutoring in the writing center

12:30-1:00 tutoring in the writing center

1:00-1:30 ran over with client, walk to rental office to pay rent

1:30-2:00 eat lunch and catch up on emailing students

2:00-2:30 make rubric for first project

2:30-3:00 look through first projects briefly, decide how to start unit two from this – what we need to return to, look at closer, dig deeper

3:00-3:30 try to plan unit two for teaching, skimming reading

3:30-4:00 teaching – I am a writing consultant in a fellow GA’s 120 class

4:00-4:30 teaching

4:30-5:00 teaching, walking back to office from art gallery (we took students to interact with the exhibition), debriefing/reflecting on how the trip to the gallery went and how this will start the new unit


5:30-6:00 eat dinner while reading for class; informal meeting with professor/boss about how teaching is going

6:00-6:30 leave sticky notes for myself for what to do tomorrow/fill out my planner, pick up my desk, finish reading

6:30-7:00 in class

7:00-7:30 in class

7:30-8:00 in class

8:00-8:30 in class

8:30-9:00 in class

9:00-9:30 in class; walking home from school

9:30-10:00 dishes, putting away stuff I carried to school, Facebook

10:00-10:30 phone conversation informal

10:30-11:00 phone conversation formal (lesson planning)

11:00-11:30 working on research project proposal

11:30-12:00 working on research project proposal; email proposal to professor

12:00-6:00 sleep