Clocking Composition: Exploring Chronography with Timeline JS (WIDE-EMU 12)

For the upcoming WIDE-EMU Unconference, I am working with Joe Torok and Derek Mueller on an exploration of the conceptual use of Timeline JS, a timeline tool that permits/encourages the moving in time/space/place of events through the incorporation of images, video, maps, web pages, tweets, and so on. It can be constructed within a Google spreadsheet, or can be built by programming, giving it some dexterity in design/degree. We are taking an interest in the visualization of an event through a lens that moves focus from the more framed rhetorical situation to the more unframed rhetorical ecology. This shifts rhetorical perspective from kairos, the opportunity fitted to a situation, to chronos, time/situation as unfolding, and potentially to metanoia, missed opportunity fitted to a situation that is given the possibility to reposition itself in time(line) as part of the network that rhetorical ecologies make traceable.

Pedagogically, this type of viewing appeals to my interests in visualization of the otherwise un(available). Our focus shifts; works cited become networks cited, or better still worknets sited/traced; attention to detail of texts moves beyond front/center to the back, the edges, and outward (in space/place-time); close looking moves from analysis to invention. Seeing in/through time permits composition beyond snapshots or stitches of singularity.

life passes in lists

one: making lists of lists, both smaller and larger. consolidate, expand, and the subcompact to-do. rank according to priority, checks and bullets, red ink, highlights. summer slippage; july, I wasn’t done with june yet.

lists: a number of connected items, or scenes of combat/contest, or as a selvage of a piece of fabric, or as a want, and lastly as a lean (of a ship) to one side because of unbalanced cargo. definitions all befitting

two: I haven’t figured out better (not even best) note taking practices yet. This goes for getting myself organized and while I’m reading. I sat down today to write in my paperbound journal, and for the first time found myself questioning if it was a useful practice, as I increasingly find myself doing when I take notes on paper (this is probably exacerbated by the fact that I float from notebook to notebook with no rhyme or reason or trail of breadcrumbs).


  • I got a graduate assistantship, though not as a first year writing instructor
  • I registered to take the GRE. The prep books arrived today, therefore it is (a) reality
  • I miss being in classes
  • After listlessly living at home for 23 months, I am making lists of apartments to rent near campus

four: bullet, vertical, horizontal, glossary, bibliography, discography, etymology, category, pros and cons


It’s nearing the end of the semester which means I live by tick marks and folded pages struggling to quantify the space of school and home and the hollowness in my gut. A divided mouthful of lime and honey. A line down the room and through my brain. The stacking of items and actions and books, which can topple over. A smile that is both sincere and acting as a dam to hold back tears.


Sure sure.

Because every one of us feel this way. A year in, a year left. I wanted it to be more. While I fear the idea of rooting, sticking in one place like a mold wouldn’t be so bad.