C(CCC)ing is Believing

Not sure how a month has slipped by, but (March 21-24) I attended my first Conference on College Composition and Communication in St. Louis: Writing Gateways. With my fellow EM-Journalers, we presented a poster chronicling our first year as a publication – “Lessons in Generative Design, Publishing, and Circulation: What EM-Journal’s First Year Has Taught Us” (the podcasts for our poster can be found here). The poster session was pretty cool (even though it’s kind of separate from the rest of the conference) because it allows for gawking, exploration/interaction, and conversation to varying degrees, dictated by the passerby (do I want to just look at this? Do I want a closer look? Do I want to talk about this? etc.). I think we were well received, and not only had the interest of various institutions, but are publishing our poster in Kairos.

There were too many sessions of interest to attend, but I picked the following:

Wednesday, March 21- arrived

  • “Master’s Degree Consortium of Writing Studies Specialists” John (Dunn) and Derek’s (Mueller) meeting (EMU folk)

Thursday, March 22

  • “Stories Take Place” Malea Powell’s Chair’s Address
  • A + B Digital Poster Sessions – we presented during the A session
  • C.31 “Bodies Writing in Space: Rhetorics of Natural-User Interfaces” Marilyn Cooper (chair), David Reider, Anne Frances Wysocki, Kara Van de Graaf
  • D.29 “Gateways into the Disciplines: Navigating Different Disciplinary Contexts to Support Writing Across Campus” Nicole Guinot Varty (chair), Becky Morrison, and Dave Nassar (EMU folk)
  • E.22 “Composing Lived Time in Material Form” Kathleen Blake Yancey (chair), Devon Fitzgerald, Erin R. Anderson, and Jody Shipka

Friday, March 23

  • F.05 “Gateways of Grateways? Rethinking, Re-envisioning, Remediating Composition’s Materials and Practices (a New Media Spin)” Justin Hodgson (chair), Anthony Collamati, Bump Halbritter, and Doreen Piano
  • G.12 “The Visual and the Spatial in Multiliteracies: Gateways to Rhetorical Potential” Jennifer Wave (chair), Robin Snead, and Dana Gierdowski
  • H.13 “Latour and Rhetoric: Kairos, Contingency, Techne” David Lynch (chair), Scott Barnett, Marilyn Cooper, Carl Herndl, and Anne Frances Wysocki (respondent)
  • J Featured Session “Access: A Happening” Jay Dolmage (chair), Samantha Blackman, Qwo-Li Driskill, Paul Kei Matsuda, Margaret Price, Cindy Selfe, Melanie Yergeau, and Amy Vidal
  • K.23 “Multimodality, Visual Rhetoric, and Marshall McLuhan” Stephen McElro (chair), Ron Brooks, Browyn T. Williams, james Jackson, and Michael Tardiff

Saturday, March 24

  • L.18 “Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere: Writing in the Musical Age” Jeff Rice (chair), Jenny Rice, Geoffrey Sirc, and Thomas Rickert
  • M.22 “Don’t Crash the Gates, Craft Them!: Reconsidering the Craft of Writing” jeff Rice (chair), David M. Grant, Kristin Prins, and Sergio Figueiredo

I got to see who is creating the scholarship that interests me so much, the ideas that initiate and connect and reinforce my own thinking, and discover new fragments to collect and come back to. Derek was even nice enough to introduce us (Chelsea, Adam and me) to Jeff and Jenny Rice and Geoffrey Sirc (me as the girl who checked out hoarded his book from the library for over a year). I found out I didn’t get the GAship while there, but found myself excited at really contemplating the pursuit of a PhD for the first time. It seems like something I can do. At this conference, with this work and this group of people for support, I feel like an academic – not just a student of an academic¬†institution. CCCC left me feeling like I can do work that matters (and maybe that work will continue on at the University of Kentucky…).