details remembered/forgotten

When I started my doctoral program, I wanted to make a visualization for each week. It didn’t matter what the subject matter was or what tools/materials were used to create it. The idea was to have some sort of odd material record of important and mundane — an account of being in grad school. I don’t have data of those first two and a half years, but I want to start the exercise now.

Most listened to artists this week [from left to right]: Chelsea Wolfe, CocoRosie, Grimes, Boris, Melvins

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.10.36 PM

And for last week (the start of the semester), three lines from my dream journal that give some sort of insight into my subconscious:

  1. Dad was prepping us for the end of the world coming
  2. I shoved moving stuffed animals and dolls into a Vintage PanAm flight attendant case
  3. She was helping me to swim, holding me like you do with small children, but I was swimming inside of her; she encompassed me and I could hear her soft reverberations

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