My Semester Made Visible

Last week in RCDH, Collin challenged us to visualize our semester. He left the form and content up to us. As I tend to do, I thought it would be interesting to look at it from the level of composites, allowing me to focus on different intensities through different lenses of focus.

From Tim Baker and Chris Shier’s gifmelter, I started with a gif that became an inside joke between Jason, Lindsey and myself after I used it as a response in a course last semester. Breaking the constraints of the gif (rectangle, perception based on timed loops), the image can be viewed differently. I think this particular iteration takes on new meaning at this scale (particularly poignant in its ability to be broken apart and pretty representative of this semester):



A significant event for me this semester was presenting (for the first time) at 4Cs. The panel I presented on was well received, but it also projected. These are ideas that are very much unsettled, active. Threads from this text network have been pulled, followed, and have connected me to other people/texts/ideas.

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Another significant event this semester was participating in THATCamp CNY. While I didn’t showcase/workshop anything, I was party to interesting tools, conversations, fruit trays, and distributed dh connections across the campus. I wanted to do something with my tweets to reconstruct the events of those two days, as well as account for the retweets and favorites that connected each of my own tweets, as well as tweets I was drawn to saving/responding to. This is rather messy, but it’s an attempt at a sort of network (this is only the first of two days and chronicles the movement of my tweets + tweets I was mentioned in):


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  • solid orange line: quoting speaker at THATCamp
  • solid black line: RT from someone in attendance
  • solid green: response to someone in attendance
  • solid purple: mentioned by someone in attendance (but not present)
  • dotted blue: favorited by someone not in attendance
  • long dashed black: favorited and RT by someone in attendance
  • dotted black: favorited by someone in attendance
  • black names: people present
  • blue names: people distant

Out of 17 tweets from those two days, 12 were tweets I RT or favorited. It’s debatable how to measure the furthest reaching; the picture of @ahhitt and I with Otto the Orange had the most favorites and left the central NY area, but the response/comment I made to @ahhitt that evoked @s2ceball might be the furthest reaching, if she is still in Oslo on her Fulbright…

Not pictured: Instagram foods and activities and other odd things; readings; notebooks and doodles; calendar of work and due dates; schedule of sleeping/waking; the starts and stops of an exercise routine; how many/little miles I walked each day; the amount of muscle rub applied to my “computer neck” on a daily basis; how many times I responded “[sigh] goooooood” when asked how I was doing vs. some other response.

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