Inventory of Effects

[For ENGL121]

Soundbite: Media. What I create is a reflection and remix of my consumption. I sift, collect, store away and break apart what I find everyday in encounters in routine and unlikely places: an interview on NPR in the car, conversations in the office (some of which I am not a part, but an over-hearer), reading for classes (which leads to reading, to reading, to watching, to connections), walking down a familiar street and stumbling upon the unfamiliar. Each day is potential for thinking – extensions of myself (projections) into the spaces and selfs I create. My media, of which I deconstruct and weave together in new constructions to wear in a way reflective of who I am (at least at this [that] moment). Television, images from magazines, songs streaming from my computer, the ambient noise of the college campus, form traces as extensions and projections of me – are guarded scraps that try to represent me as a whole in a composed (meaning put together from different pieces/places/spaces) Me.

Trace Some FacePhoto from Young & Fresh

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