metaphors to move by-like a talking head

The last few days I have been feeling more like a hum than a person (whatever that means). So today I did things slowly. I went for a run and planted my feet on the asphalt slowly. I washed the dishes slowly. I walked the aisles of Meijer slowly. My goal was something sort of meditative, finding a kernal of zen within chaos, but I just ended up feeling like the way David Byrne carries himself (whatever that means).

I wanted to interact with the spaces and things that I use frequently with more than passing attention, or non-attention. I often say that I’m a ‘space cadet’ or ‘heady’ or ‘zoned out’, all of these denoting a state of being awash in thought without a particular anchor; so today I tried to use the space of my head as a sort of gallery or medical amphitheater – experience and interact with these (now) curated things taken for granted. All I really got was a good laugh. But, I will note, it did feel removed, like I was experiencing it in some sort of sensory exhibit (the next D). There’s probably a Radiolab on that.

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