technical Googlism

After seeing my professor and friend/fellow scholar incorporate Googlism lists (Googlists) in their latest blog entries, I was curious to see what came up for the term technical as I begin to work with (the pairing of terms) technical composition.

a “what” list for technical:

technical is as technical does
technical is a type of improvised fighting vehicle
technical is political
technical is the single source for all your fluid handling needs
technical is no difficult by the tritorium
technical is no difficult by the tritorium puguh kribo
technical is not difficult by the tritorium
technical is not difficult by the tritorium puguh kribo
technical is a knife
technical is now neutral
technical is fantastic
technical is
technical is woman
technical is a leading installer of high quality voice & data
technical is the recruitment partner of choice for businesses all over the world
technical is always a great word to know
technical is the third largest secondary school in vancouver after churchill and killarney and is attended by over 1700 students
technical is locally owned and independently operated
technical is now eco
technical is technology research?
technical is technology research? acquiring and deploying technical knowledge in social research projects christian sandvig
technical is helping both clients and people seeking employment to meet
technical is the only choice for outfitting the audio/visual and presentation equipment needs for any trade show
technical is seeking an onsite contract
technical is here to help keep you ahead of the curve
technical is the best source for the it professional who isn’t satisfied with just a job
technical is an affirmative action/equal opportunity educator and employer
technical is hiring
technical is explained in words

A what (?) list of immediate reaction:

  • What the heck is tritorium? ->Tritorium: n. Same as Tritirium. ->Triturium: n. A vessel for separating liquids of different densities.
  • What does it mean that the top result defines technical as a famous quote from Forrest Gump?
  • What does it mean to answer a question with a question? To explain in words?
  • What does it mean that technical can be a place (thing), a skill (thing), a human being (thing), an anthropomorphic thing, a semiotic thing, a thing, neither this thing nor that thing (see: neutral)…
  • What does this illuminate in my considerations of technical? For now, I’ll be content with this catalist to spark my sleepy summer brain.

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