personal statement lacks personality (the very thing it is meant to convey?)

While personal statements aren’t impersonal, you don’t quite have much creative control over how you present yourself. I’m working on mine for a graduate assistantship and am cringing at what I have written on this page. This plain, alphabetic text full, black and white, standard doc page. I suppose it’s not bad, because it is what I’ve done and what I want to do, but it’s bland. 

Why is it that straying from the norm only seems acceptable within an art curriculum? I don’t want to do anything too wild, like send in a hand sewn book of scans of my face with text composed of dry spaghetti, but something different would be nice. Especially considering my academic/pedagogical interests in the teaching of writing as pushing beyond this.

A Cornell box would do nicely, I think. Associations of jotted teaching aspirations and explanations of intent with objects that represent me personally. I would live up to these things. I could return to these things and add to them. re-arrange them. Make them my teaching fo writing philosophy and credentials.

Cornell box image from Creativity Fuse

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